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Indian Head- and FaceMassage ICM Training

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N.B. Prior knowledge and skills are not essential.

The basic course is suitable for anyone who is interested 

  • Mothers, fathers can get training to give the healthy treatment to their children and other family members without becoming a doctor and can assist them in improving their performance in stressful periods and balancing their body's activities;
  • Those who wants to opt massage as their profession can get additional training, knowledge and skills to develop themselves up to the highest level of the ICM Guru International which educates the ICM methodology at the international level;
  • Hairdressers and Beauticians can use various techniques of ICM in their daily work to make their customers happier.

Duration of one-day ICM training is from 10:00 to 20:00 depends upon the course.

icm koolitus vicky juhendab.jpg

Trainers are:
ICM therapist Vicky from India (Inderjit Parwana) teaches and train you the various techniques of head massage and the appropriate hands movements in the practical part at all steps of ICM Training and explains how and why it is important to do like that.

Coach Katrin Aedma (Estonian communication trainer) describes theoretical part of ICM training and explains the relation of Indian Head and Face Massage with Meta Medicine. icm_kadila_champi_ope.jpg

Cost of the training per person in Estonia at our locations is 100 EUR that includes VAT, fee of trainers, ICM training materials, travel expenses and healthy vitamin-breaks for the Group.

We conduct trainings for personal institutions at their locations within Estonia with minimum of 6 persons and also personal trainings at individual level at our locations.

N.B.Our trainers don't mind to travel to conduct trainings other than in Estonia. 

To participate and order the training please contact us by e-mail: E-mail on kaitstud spämmirobotite eest, Javascript peab olema sisse lülitatud .

Additional information: ICM - indian Head-and Face Massage and ICM web page.

NB! After training you can buy DVD where you will find all explanations and it helps you to practice and become really good indian head- and FaceMassage Therapist!

Small advice for trainings: Wear comfortable clothes. Clean your hair if you have some conditioner, gel or any hair spray and comb them properly; bring something to cover your oily hair after training, inner-shoe, pencil, bottle of water, towel to wrap yourself or rubber apron an open mind with happy mood!

Read more about our special beneficial programme of study tourism in Goa.

 See you in ICM trainings and subsequent practical training days!

With all healthy wishes! ICM team.

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