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Offer for Kerala businessman

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Offer for special hidden add in the book named ”Kerala – God’s own Country

Get ready for a new season now and be visible in a special way!  Kerala books, Kerala-Gods Own Country, Katrin Aedma

Marketing gurus know that a so called hidden add sells much better than an usual add. The add will be hidden in the text and the topic will be reapeated for 2-3 times. As a result the reader gets the interest and remembers the service/ company or the persons name and can be most probaby one of your clients.


1. 5 lines in the text incl contacts Rs.8 000 + 2books (it is good to take 2-3)

2. 0,5 pages ½ A4 including logo or photo Rs.10 000 + 2books

3. 1 page ½ A4 Rs.20 000 + 2 books

4. 2 pages ½ A4 Rs.36 000 + 2 books

Prices are for the original language print and add will be free for English and Russian print. You will get your copies as soon the English version of the book is published. It’s good to have as a memory and something to show to your clients. If you want to sell the books, the price can be around Rs.600 per book. We will sell the books in Estonia (English speaking countries, India and Russia) in the book shop, by tour-operators and at Airports.

Size: ½ A4 x 150-200 pages

Print: 2000 books (first print in Estonian language for Estonian market) will be ready 2011/2012, English print 2012 (5000 copies per month).

Language: Estonian (English, Russian)

About the author:  Mrs Katrin Aedma (writer, journalist, member of International Press, communication trainer and supervisor) E-mail on kaitstud spämmirobotite eest, Javascript peab olema sisse lülitatud , E-mail on kaitstud spämmirobotite eest, Javascript peab olema sisse lülitatud , +372  513 2444 (in Estonia), + 91  96 5046 9129 (in India, Delhi), +91 99 7527 8486 (in India, Goa),,

2010 Katrin Aedma wrote the book: “14 Days in Goa” (14 päeva Goas), which have made a great sucess in Estonia. The English version will be in the market in the beginning of 2012. It is not an usual travel guide but interesting and practical new style travelbook.


What do we need to make an add?

We need your company´s name and contacts

Hight quality logo and photos by e-mail

3 - 5 keywords about service, product etc what you want to be stressed (friendly service, clean place etc)

Answer to the question: Why your product is special and better than others?

Payment in advance in cash (you will get a receipt) or by invoice.

Thank you and welcome to be a part of the new book: „Kerala – God’s own Country”

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