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CoachingTREFF 2013

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Time: 31.10.2013

Place: Oslo Kongressenter, Youngs gate 11, Olso



01.08.2013 - registration will be closed (till this time you can register yourself if there are still places left);

01.08.2013 - deadline to send us your photo, short introduction of yourself and the topic (max 500 characters with spaces)

01.10.2013 - deadline of sending us your presentation what you want to have in our web after training day and/or use



45 minutes, interesting, practical, teaching. Topic – coaching. Commercial 3 minutes in the end of presentation (no more as feedback shows that listeners don't like if the commercial part is too long. Try to be smart to give some special offers shortly and effectively in the end just during 3 minutes).



we will not print the materials for the participants. If you are interested to do that, its allowed. Materials shall not consist commercial. Your presentations will be added to our website, so if you are interested to use different presentation than to have in our website for people to download, send it us before training day.


Commercial/ marketing possibilities

To have additional commercial possibilities (beside this 3 minutes in the end of your training session), printed materials, posters etc – please contact our marketing specialist Margot for special agreement: E-mail on kaitstud spämmirobotite eest, Javascript peab olema sisse lülitatud

(or right a way we can tell that stand in the hall – X NOK (with 2 people), commercial printout in the 1 room – X NOK, commercial in our web with registration X – NOK, commercial on the door with welcome and registration X-NOK, posters on the wall – X NOK/ per piece)


After Training day we will post an e-mail to all participants to thanks and collect the feedback. If you are interested to make a special offer with password: "CoachingTREFF" please mail it to us before Training day (mail: E-mail on kaitstud spämmirobotite eest, Javascript peab olema sisse lülitatud )

Self-registration: Please open the link: XXXX (excelfile in googledoc) and write to the table in a suitable and free place your data:

1. The name of coach or company

2. E-mail

3. Telephone

4. Topic

All questions are welcome by e-mail: E-mail on kaitstud spämmirobotite eest, Javascript peab olema sisse lülitatud or telephone 4178 6999

See you in the CoachingTREFF 2013!

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